The Story

„The time has required approach of cultural anthropology which, out of ever-changing sociocultural space, generates knowledge crucial for creation of new ideas, projects and strategies.“

The idea to establish an independent anthropological studio took place four years ago. By that time I was asking myself why there is no broader interest in cultural anthropology (ethnology or social anthropology is relevant term as well) within Czech society, even though it offers the best methods for answering sociocultural „why“ or „how“ questions.

The reason is simple. Nobody knows what cultural anthropology is good for. Because most of academia do not consider popularization or participation in non-academic projects as activities worth Science.

It is the year 2012. The world has got denser, cities have got bigger and resources have got scarcer. New media allows us new techniques, new forms of presentation, new ways of  perception, discussion and participation.

Partly thanks to that I have met fellow doctoral students with whom I share opinion that we can not wait any longer for the system of education and science to react.

Pavel Borecký


The Vision

„What is knowledge good for while it cannot be used?

What is anthropology good for while it cannot be applied?“


About Us


We are flexible association of social scientists providing independent field research focused on visual and urban anthropology.


Our mission is to empower individuals, organizations and communities by generating knowledge necessary for informed solutions of their key problems in fields of community and urban development. Due to the application of cultural anthropology we are able to find development opportunities.

We offer expertise and skills of „good anthropologist“ – insight, thoroughness, comparison, context, cultural translation and understanding the Others.


Questionnaires are not everything. We use participatory methods and  „bottom-up“ approach to let voices of „invisible“ parts of society be heard.

We enhance human capital and empower civil society in the way that we help to decide local questions by involvement of all stakeholders and local residents. We respect singularity of every single situation. If projects demands it, we interdisciplinary cooperate with other experts.


Our partners are NGOs, civic initiatives, municipalities and we are also free to participate in international projects.

We only collaborate with organizations and individuals who possess internal integrity and an obvious effort to act in favor of public good.